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New: Beta versions of new applications that let you control your document overload.

Express by DocumentMall

Express by DocumentMall

A streamlined user interface that can be used with existing DocumentMall accounts. Express lets you filter through long lists of folders and documents to quickly find the information you need. You can still upload and search for documents, create folders as well as rename and delete and more.
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DocumentMall v9


You can always login to your account using the DocumentMall standard user interface where advanced functionality and a complete set of Administrative Tools are at your fingertips.

The application(s) on this site are Beta versions of Ricoh’s DocumentMall that are not available for distribution at this time. Use of the software is solely for evaluation and testing purposes. The goal of the evaluation is for Ricoh to obtain feedback and information about your experiences with the operation and functionality, which may be used by Ricoh solely for future product enhancements. As a Beta version, the Software has not been fully tested by Ricoh and comes with absolutely no warranties..